Things you can do during a stay at home order by Lori Jacobs,
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Things you can do during a stay at home order

Last week, our governor announced a stay at home order concerning the Corona Virus (COVID 19) spread. Several businesses are encouraged to let their employees work at home if possible to prevent catching the virus.

While most of us are at home, and the kids are at home as well, you might be thinking of things to do during the stay at home order.

I compiled some ideas to keep yourself productive and reduce the anxiety from everything that is happening around us this time.

  1. It’s time to do some self-care – If the previous months made you busy and you got no time for self-care, now it’s the time to give yourself some love and appreciation. After all, it’s time to take extra care of ourselves because of COVID 19.
    • Do a 10-15 minute meditation before you start your day. 
    • Take some deep breaths
    • Drink lots of water
    • Write down 3 things you are grateful for
    • Say affirmations aloud
    • Create a morning and evening routine
  2. If you are working from home, try these:
    • Get up 2 hours early to do your self-care and morning routines
    • Have a dedicated workspace at home – don’t work from your bed, create a dedicated workspace for you. This helps with your productivity too.
    • Get dressed – don’t stay on your pajamas all day even if you’re working at home. Dressing up nicely and taking a shower will give you some boost to working
    • Set a dedicated time for work and time for breaks. This way you won’t drain yourself from staying in front of your computer or laptop all day. Get some stretches, take a walk (even just within the house)
    • Make it cozy – you might want to light up some scented candles, put on some essential oils or turn on your favorite playlist to keep you motivated and concentrated when working
  3. During this stay at home order, it’s time for you to read a new book or finish the book you’ve been reading.
  4. Listen to a new podcast – while the world is at slow-mo right now, you might want to take advantage of the time to learn something new or reconnect with your body
  5. Start a new hobby – you might have been thinking of doing some artworks before, draw, paint or start crocheting
  6. Learn a new easy recipe
  7. Try a new exercise app
  8. If you have kids at home, you might want to create a new schedule for them. Reading, arts and crafts, or letting them help in the kitchen for that new recipe you want to try. Baking is a good idea too. And don’t forget to ask for their help in the household chores or even a simple making up their bed when they wake up.
  9.  Time for decluttering! Since spring is here, yes! There is no longer an excuse for not cleaning and decluttering your room and other kinds of stuff. While you do that, listen to good music or a podcast.
  10. Clean up your inbox. If you do not clean your inbox regularly, I’m sure there are a lot of unread messages from several subscriptions you opt-in to. Time to evaluate yourself and ask if you no longer need them, then unsubscribe. And of course, delete the unnecessary messages. You can make a folder too to organize your messages.
  11. Watch Netflix. There are a lot of good movies to watch on Netflix. Give yourself a break and binge-watch. One of the good movies on Netflix right now is Self-made. There is a good mix of suspense, horror, tragedy, drama, comedy, love stories, and inspiring movies to watch from Netflix.
  12. If you and your family are a Marvel fan, you can watch the Marvel films in order. I found this guide.

So there you have it. These are just a few of the things you can do during a stay at home order. Remember to relax, give your self some grace but also teach yourself to be disciplined by allocating time to do things.

If you have any more suggestions, feel free to share them too.

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