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Summer’s In!

This is it! Few days to go and children will be on summer vacation. A break from school work, school programs and of course, home works and projects. Pretty sure you kids are looking forward to summer vacation and spend (almost) all day outside playing with other kids, or playing the latest games and gadgets or trying to learn new things.

But before that, let me ask you this, did your child finish strong this school year? Whether in academics, improvement in behavior or social skills – that is still an achievement, right? And if your child hasn’t met your expectations, don’t worry, there is still next year. There will always be room for improvement.

Here are some tips that children and adults can do before the school year ends to somehow assess your child’s performance and development throughout the year.

For kids, maybe you would want to write all the “victories” you experienced during the year. Parents, remember, this is something subjective so whatever your child wants to write on that piece of paper and they would consider an achievement, that is totally fine. This activity also helps with their cognitive development and at the same time, some memory exercise. They can reflect upon them and this can be an effective way to remind that kid who struggled throughout the year that he or she had some significant accomplishments.

Though there is already social media and techy gadgets kids have these days, kids may also want to create an album for the school year, or if not, take several pictures on the last day of classes – candid shots, group shots with friends, best friend and with their teachers as well. Have them print it. They can either buy a pre-made scratch book or can make their own! Include some stickers, notes, and captions, too for extra fun. Maybe they can make this, too, a yearly habit. You know, pictures are the only memories we can bring with us as we grow old, we can never take back the time. Perhaps, it’s cool to browse pictures from time to time and laugh at them.

Parents, on the other hand, to finish on a positive note, may give sweet gestures like a tap at the back, a warm hug, a “job-well-done” note will surely give your kids a lift. You can cook their favorite dish, set up something in the backyard and share it with their friends in school. In that way, you can also get to know who your kids interact with every day for the past school year.

Kids may also want to sort out things in their bag and get rid of the trash that was piled up during the school year (yes, inside the bags), keep those can be used again for the next school year and have their school bags a shower. Those bags can be used for summer outings and other activities they want to join in like summer camps or sleep-overs during summer.

Organize your school supplies as well so you won’t be looking for them when another school year starts. In this way, you’ll be able to enjoy your summer vacation longer. Finish strong and return strong when the school starts again in the fall.

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