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New Year, New Goals?

Happy New Year! It’s been over a week now and there are a lot of things to do for you this 2020. Here’s the question though, Have you already made plans on how you’re going to achieve your goals this 2020? 

So in this article, I am going to share with you some tips you can apply right away so you can clearly set your goals and achieve them this year.

First, you have to assess your habits. Are your habits helping you forward or are they keeping you stuck? Check out your habits, what you do in a day and ask yourself if those habits are contributing to help you achieve your goals in life or in business.

Second, identify your “WHY”. Why do you want to achieve this particular goal, why do you want to achieve this certain state. Is it for your family? kids?personal gratification? Whatever that is, you have to identify the reason behind your actions. To whom or to what are you working for? What do you want to achieve and WHY? To set goals that truly motivate you, you must understand why you want to achieve your goal. Without a clear understanding of your motivation, it’s hard to find the tenacity or drive needed to succeed.

The third thing is to list down your goals. It has been said that listing down your goals is way better than just saying it in your head. Writing it down (and being creative with it) will help cement your goals in your mind. Plus, it makes you more accountable to do it (without of course putting too much pressure on yourself) and it feels good when you tick those off one by one as you achieve it.

When setting goals, here are the things you can do. (1) break them down into categories (home, relationships, work, finances, health, and yourself), (2)Schedule a weekly review on your calendar and (3) set your intentions for goals one step at a time (just once a week).

With these, it will help you become more focused on taking action on your goals and will also help stop overwhelm.

After writing your goals, breaking them down to avoid overwhelm and committing to do it, I suggest that you take time to feel them. How does it feel like when you already achieve your goals? Acting as you have already achieved your goal will start to connect the dots between where you are now and the steps you need to take to achieve your goals. On top of that, it will also give you the confidence associated with attaining this goal; and this will permeate to those around you.

According to Forbes, once you have your goals written, take immediate action – even if it is a small step. Momentum begets momentum, and by kick-starting your goal writing process with tangible action, you will immediately create a sense of progress. Change happens as a result of lots of little steps, so don’t feel the need to start with a huge, intimidating step. Once you start taking action, be sure to celebrate wins and review your goals each month to help track your progress.

As mentioned, setting up goals should not be limited to writing them down. You need to set up timelines for you to follow them. 

This means knowing what you want to achieve at the end of your year. List them down and make sure to visualize yourself, achieving them as often as possible. It will set in your mind that this is something vital that you have to commit to. 

You also have to set up quarterly and monthly milestones. This means that you have to break down your end goals and achieve steps to accomplish it through the quarters and months of the year. 

Finally, you have to list down the activities you have to work through to achieve every goal you set in place. Of course, this works better if you have a partner or a group that will hold you accountable for what you do.

Yes, 2020 is already upon us. Yet there is still time to make things happen. When are you going to set your goals? What are you going to do now to achieve it?

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