Homeschooling tips during a statewide stay at home order by Lori Jacobs
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Homeschooling during the Statewide Stay-at-home Order

COVID 19 has affected not only businesses and workers but also the education system. Due to our statewide stay at home order and the dangers of being exposed to COVID-19 our kiddos are all homeschooling at this time. There are many resources at your local school district and online for homeschooling your children.

Yes, you read it right. Homeschooling is the choice right now. And in light of the current situation the whole world is experiencing, not just here in Colorado, our local school district has launched its education online enrichment program – TSD Learns. This is to provide continuity of learning when children can’t be in school. This is the website. It has loads of useful information and resources that can keep the child’s learning in continuity. Thus education is not compromised. Learning resources from EC to Grade 12 are available on the website for students to consume. I’ve personally checked the resources, but not all, and I find it interactive and fun.

Khan Academy have also lessons and practice quizzes. 

I’ve put together some tips for at-home learning.

  1. Have a dedicated learning time – homeschooling is different from classroom learning. It will take some time to adjust. A parent teaching their children and children having their parents as teachers. Having both parties set time for learning will prepare physically, emotionally and mentally for the new setup.
  2. Include the children in the planning stage – work on an agreed learning/study schedule and if they comply, don’t be afraid to give rewards to them
  3. Reward and punishment – add/less screen time or anything you have agreed to if they did a great job or followed the “rules”
  4. Chunk learning time – have small breaks of learning time with breaks in between
  5. Keep it positive – keep things positive and always end learning periods on a high note.
  6. Do what works for you – be flexible and work together to find the things that are effective for your family.
  7. Don’t worry – even the best laid out plans don’t work out sometimes and that’s OK! There will be adjustments on your side as well as the kids so don’t be too hard on yourself if in the first week, you weren’t able to stick to a schedule or plans didn’t work out.
  8. Have a dedicated learning space – decorate a room that will encourage the children to learn and play
  9. Explore other ways how you can make learning more fun. Each child has its way or method of learning so knowing how your children’s learning styles will be of great help.

Homeschooling is not a one-man effort. Homeschooling is a family effort that everyone should take part in.

We are adjusting to a new normal so let us give ourselves some grace, take time off, take a step back and do some self-care routines if we find ourselves stressed with all the things happening around us.

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