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Home Search: What Factors to Consider When Searching for a New Home

When you are moving to Northern Colorado, it can be an exciting time to go house shopping. There are many cities to consider as well as areas such as a bustling downtown or simple suburbs. As you search for a home, there are many factors to consider. Below are a few tips to get you started, ensuring that you do not miss any important details within your search.

Size of Home

The first item on your list should be the size of the home. Are you looking for a small one-bedroom home or perhaps three bedrooms? Maybe you want an extra play space for the kiddos? Have a list of the room types you wish the home to have and try to find homes in your search based on these criteria. A local real estate agent will be able to assist you in the process, narrowing down your search based on the exact home type you are looking for.

Location of Home

The location of the home is very important. You may be moving to Loveland for work and want to be located near your new office. Or perhaps you have children and want to be located in a specific school district. Whatever your location needs, be sure to consider them. If you are unsure about being located away from civilization, perhaps in a more rustic area, be sure to avoid looking at homes in such areas. By sticking to the location type you desire, you are sure to find a home without endless hours of fruitless searching.

Price of Home

The price of the home should also be considered during your search. You want to be looking at homes that you can afford. It is recommended that you have a loan officer tell you what loan amount you qualify for. This way, you have a price range in place. Find out monthly mortgage estimates for several amounts so you know what price range to consider. Just because you qualify for a $500,000 home does not mean you need to spend that much. Create a budget and stick to it as you search for your new home.

Future Needs

It is also important to consider your future needs. Are you going with a starter home or do you want to find a place to live in for many years to come? This question is very important. A starter home needs to have enough of an investment in place and be of good quality so you can sell with ease later on down the road. A forever home needs to be large enough to accommodate your family now or future family if you plan on having kids later on in life or adding to your brood.

A local real estate agent will be able to assist you in your search by helping you with the above factors. Look closely for a home-based on your needs and you will be spending less time searching and more time looking at homes that will have value and meet your requirements.

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