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Decluttering in Spring

The holidays have passed and the new year has begun. I know we’ve been all busy with back to back celebrations plus either slouching after the holidays or been swamped with all things life and business as the new year entered.

It’s been snowing and you feel that it’s not a good time to walk around your home and clean up anything (dirt) that has accumulated during the past season. In the next couple of weeks, it’s going to be spring and it’s the perfect time to clean up and make your home look refreshed and get back its glory (lol).

Therefore, in preparation for spring, let me give you some tips in decluttering that you can start doing right now to make a whole new difference in your home.

  1. Weed out clothes and accessories that are damaged, don’t fit, or I don’t love anymore. Keep only A+ clothing in your closet. The stuff that makes you feel awesome, powerful, hot (insert effective of choice!) So put on your favorite podcast and grab a trash bag. Anything that doesn’t fit (hello, Christmas desserts!), has a stain or hole, and is past its prime comes out. I like to try things on for a fresh perspective. What’s left should make you feel happy! Now you can clearly see what (if any) holes you have to fill in your wardrobe and can buy things purposefully.
  2. Check and sort your jewelry. Jewelry can often be difficult to declutter because of some sentimental reasons. When decluttering pieces of jewelry, make sure you keep them not because of guilt but because you really love them and will actually wear it. You may ask yourself some questions like – does it fit my style? Do I have outfits that I can wear it with? When was the last time I wore it? Is it broken? Do I have duplicates? Figure out where you want to store your jewelry and make sure it is in one place. You may use a box or stackable trays that can lay flat or stack tall like a jewelry box.
  3. Go through your home decor and donate anything you don’t absolutely love, haven’t used in the last few years, and don’t see yourself using in the near future. You may find some new old treasures! Sometimes our styles change, or we’ve simply had something too long. I’m reminding myself it’s ok to donate it and look for something new! A good question I ask is, “Is this (vase, basket, frame…) worth what I’m paying in storage space? Could I easily buy another one if I suddenly need it again? If so, I feel good about decluttering it!
  4. Get into those bathroom cabinets. Toss any expired products, old makeup, samples, broken hair tools, and those 5 eyelash curlers (you know you have them!) Organize the rest into labeled bins for quick and easy access. P.S. Make sure you properly dispose of medicines and other stuff. Don’t flush them. 
  5. Check out your kitchen cabinets. It’s time to let go of anything you haven’t used for a year or two or any duplicates in gadgets or utensils, and stuff that no longer fits your lifestyle (such as baby bottles, etc) You’ll be amazed how much more space you’ll have! If you feel like going fancy, buying organizers will make a huge difference in gaining space. 

Feeling overwhelmed? No worries, I got you! You can start by picking one area in your home to purge and organize whether a single drawer in your kitchen, medicine cabinet or a hall closet. Start with a small area that is manageable and once you start to enjoy your newly organized space it will motivate you to move onto another area in your home.

These are actually small actionable steps you can do to start cleaning your home. In my next article, I will share some more tips that involve the main and large areas of your home.

Source: sophisticated organization IG, IG @alyssawine

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